• Dr Zama Katamzi, researcher at SANSA (South African National Space Agency)

    “As a space science researcher I feel it is vital to get involved in public engagement activities to share new discoveries and talk about the role science plays in our everyday lives. The only way for the field to grow is to excite the next generation into science and technology related careers and demonstrate the relevance of these fields to all levels of society. If people don’t know about what we do and why we are doing it, then the knowledge we create will not live on.”

  • Research communication

    Public science engagement
    Science outreach
    Research uptake
    Community engagement
    Policy impact

If you are working in a communication, media or research office at a university (or similar research institution) in Africa this guide is intended for you. Researchers who are interested to develop their confidence and skills in communicating their research outside the academic community and engaging public audiences will also find it useful.

1 About the GuideRead an introduction and acknowledgements of the guide as well as a complete list of contents.

2 Research communication: Setting the scene: This section focuses on a broad understanding of research (or science) communication.

3 Essential skills for research communicators: This section of the guide is devoted to practical skills that every research communicator needs.

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